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Viton® Gaskets & Seals

Viton® (a registered trademark of DuPont for fluoroelastomer) seals are manufactured by Hennig Gasket & Seals for a wide range of industries and applications.  We fabricate tens of thousands of seals every year and stand by our promise to deliver on-time, on-budget Viton® gaskets that meet the performance demands of your application.  We stake our 100+ years reputation on it.  Our engineering department will work with your supplied drawing or will reverse engineer your sample part to ensure your specifications and tolerance requirements are met.

Viton® Gasket & Seal Material

The high cost of Viton® material may limit usage to extreme applications.  Resilience is low and tear strength is limited unless certain compounding steps are taken to improve it.  Impact resistance is fair.  However, Viton® has an excellent resistance to heat and oil combination; hot greases found in engines and compressors as well as excellent resistance to a wide range of concentrated acids. 

Black Viton® Sheet specifications:
Polymer: Hexaflouropropylene Vinylidene Flouride
ISO/ASTM Desgination: FKM
Durometer Rating (hardness):  75 (Shore A)
Temperature Range:  -18°F to +400°F
Elongation:  200%
Tensile Strength:  1000 PSI
Finish:  Plate, Fabric, Smooth Paper
Width:  36"
Gauge (thickness):  1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA):  Yes
Grades: Commercial, Viton A, Viton B, Viton F, Viton Extreme
Additional Viton Gasket Material Available:  Yes 

Viton® Gasket Material Grades

Viton® Grade differential is seen mostly in the end-use performance of the viton gasket material.  Each type will differ in its resistance to permeation and property degradation caused by the chemicals and fluids making contact with the material.

Viton® A:  (also referenced as commercial grade) the most widely used of the Viton® grades as a general purpose seal for automotive, aerospace, lubricants and fuels.

Viton® B:used in chemical processing, utilities and power industries.

Viton® F: best suited for applications making contact with automotive fuels, aqueous inorganic acids, water and steam.

Viton® Extreme: excceptional for extremely harsh chemical environments involved in automotive oil seals, aerospace fuels, oil field applications.

There is no question that selecting the right gasket material is a difficult task.  But gasket performance hangs in the balance.  Let our 90+ years of knowledge and experience as a custom gasket manufacturer be a resource for you and contact us today.

Viton® Gasket & Seal Manufacturing Process

All Viton® Gaskets & Seals are manufactured in our modern facility that is continuously updated with the latest technology and equipment.  Our capabilities include water jet cutting (which gives us tight tolerances within +/-.007”), flash cutting, die cutting or hand cutting.  Our veteran technicians will evaluate your application and specific material to determine the most appropriate manufacturing process that will deliver a Viton® part that exceeds your expectation.