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Ceramic Fiber Gasket Sheet

If you need to reduce heat transmission, or keep cold things cold, ceramic fiber gasket sheet material might be what you’re looking for. Sold in thicknesses from 1/32” up to ¼” (which is basically board,) this is a flexible paper-like ceramic that both insulates and resists attack by almost all chemicals, (except concentrated alkalies and a few acids.) Peak temperature varies by grade but goes as high as 2,300 °F.

Ceramic fiber gasket sheet is produced by paper-making processes, and like paper, is composed of randomly oriented fibers held in a matrix by a binder. Expressed more technically, it’s alumino-silicate fibers with a latex binder.

Ceramic Fiber Gasket Sheet Specifications:

Thickness:  1/32” to ¼”
Max Temp:  2300°F
Width:  48”

As a non-woven sheet, this is a very flexible material that wraps around pipes or other curved surfaces. Or alternatively, where there’s little room for most insulating materials, it provides a thin yet very effective barrier to heat transmission. Applications include appliances and processing operations that use furnaces. Steel, non-ferrous metals and ceramics manufacturing can all benefit from using ceramic fiber paper as a backup to primary refractory materials. It’s also used for fire protection.

Excellent chemical resistance makes ceramic fiber material a candidate for gaskets in a range of challenging environments. Petrochemical operations are an industry sector where it excels. Its only weaknesses are susceptibility to hydrochloride and phosphoric acid, along with strong alkalies.

Hennig Gasket & Seal offers ceramic fiber gasket sheet from leading manufacturers in widths up to 48”.