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Spray Nozzles

Hennig Gasket & Seals has a long relationship with Delavan Spray Technologies as a distributor of their entire product line of spray nozzles. The Delavan line of products find applications in a variety of markets including:  metal finishing, mining, steel, chemical, food processing, water, and brewing.

Industrial Spray Nozzle Products

Delavan Spray Technologies manufacturers over 30,000 different nozzles and component parts for the manufacturing and processing industries.  Hennig Gasket & Seals stocks the more popular items for fast shipment:

Air Atomising Nozzles are used in a large variety of industries including chemical processing, cooling castings and moulds, curing concrete products, evaporative coolers, foam control, incineration, spray coating/drying.  There are 14 different nozzle types rendering either narrow, wide or a deflected type of spray.

Airless Nozzles are specifically used for paint spraying and coating applications.

Dela-Fit Nozzles are quick fitting nozzles of various spray types for connection to pipework without the use of spanners.

Flat Spray Nozzles (high pressure & special purpose options available) has a large variety of nozzle types with a wide range of spray angles to accomodate the needs of bottle washing, degreasing, dishwashing, foam control, industrial washers, metal cleaning - rinsing and washing, spray coating, water misting and water fountains.

Hollow Cone Nozzles has spray angles ranging from 30° to 180° for use in brine sprays, chemical processing, coil defrosting, dust control, evaporative condensers, evaporative collers, industrial washers, roof cooling, spray coating, humidifcation, gas cooling, tooling towers, coal washing, degreasing and foam control.

Solid Cone Nozzles has a uniform distribution of atomisation.  This nozzle is used in the same applications as the hollow cone spray nozzle.

Hennig Gasket & Seals is a distributor for all Delavan Spray Nozzles.  We stock the most popular items for same day shipping.  Contact us Today.