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Compression Packing

After 90 years in business, we know what it takes to provide the best customer service in the industry. That includes extensive product knowledge and voluminous inventory of product diversity.  In addition to being a custom gasket manufacturer, we stock a large supply of fluid sealing material including non asbestos compression packing (also referred to as braided packing).   We have developed relationships with manufacturers of compression packing (including garlock packing from Garlock Sealing Technologies) which meets our requirement of high quality engineered compression packaging material that provides a cost-effective solution with the greatest leakage control, service life, and dependability.

Compression Packing Seal Applications

Compression packing seals are suitable for applications on centrifugal pumps, agitators, valves, expansion joints, mixers, rotary equipment, valve stems, groove gasketing, tanks.

Compression Packing Seal Selection

Compression packing seals consist of different fibers, different construction, and different lubricants that provide resiliency to frictional heat or act as a fluid barrier to voids that are present in braided materials.  As with all sealing material, the proper selection of a packing seal is dependent on the operating condition of the equipment.  There are six criterion of the equipment that must be confirmed:  size, temperature of media being sealed, application equipment, media being sealed, pressure, and shaft speed if application is for pumps.

Compression Packing Seal Specifications:
Fibers: aramid, carbon/graphite filament, fiberglass, fiber-infused, flax, synthetic, PTFE
Construction: braid over braid, braid over core, lattice braid, square braid, die formed, mandrel cut
Temperature Range: -328°F to +1200°F (depending on style)
High Pressure (PSI): 500 PSI rotary, 4500 PSI valve
High Pressure (Bar): 35 rotary, 310 valve
Shaft Speed:  4000fpm
Other Compression Packing Material Available:  Yes

Compression Packing Fibers

Aramid Fiber Packing are considered to be stronger than steel with excellent resistance to high temperature and exceptional tensile strength.

Carbon/Graphite Packing has excellent chemical resistance, are thermally conductive and can be used in extreme temperature and pressure conditions.  Graphite is an excellent high temperature packing material.

Fiberglass Packing will not burn and have no reaction to common solvents, oils, petroleum, distillates, bleaches and most organic chemicals.

Flax Packing is designed for optimum service in waste and dilute aqueous solutions up to +250F at low to medium pressures.  Regularly specified by industries such as:  mining, milling, steel, waste/water treatment, marine, pulp and paper.

Synthetic Packing is an adaptable fiber for low-cost general industrial service

PTFE Packing is an FDA approved food grade packing with excellent chemical resistance and wide temperature range.

Compression Packing Construction

Braided Packing: Braid Over Braid also known as round braid or multiple braid packing can be supplied in round, square or rectangular cross section.  This construction is relatively dense and recommended for high-pressure, slow-speed applications such as valve stems, expansion joist, groove gasketing.

Braided Packing: Braid Over Coreround braiding of material over a core, which may be extruded, twisted, wrapped or knitted.  This allows for different cross sectional shapes.

Braided Packing: Latticehas a more even distribution of yarn density throughout and has the potential for improved lubricant retention.

Die Formed Packingprovides controlled density and size.

Mandrel Cut Packingrings formed by wrapping braided stock on a mandrel with a diameter equal to the desired I.D.

Hennig Gasket & Seals stocks hundreds of different materials and distributes even hundreds more.  Contact us Today.