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Allpax Gasket Cutter Systems has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of gasket cutters and accessories from its ancestry as a rubber raingear manufacturer back in 1928.  It was the experience with rubber products that led to opportunities in 1990 to develop and manufacture a proprietary line of gasket cutters.

Hennig Gasket & Seals is an industry leading supplier and distributor of Allpax cutting products. Our stocked inventory includes Allpax flexible packing hooks, Allpax cutting blades and boards, Allpax center pins and heavy-duty gasket cutter kits.

Contact us for more information regarding our Allpax gasket cutting accessories, or call us at 800-747-7661 and we will be happy to answer any Allpax product questions that you may have.


Allpax Flexible Packing Hooks

These are the perfect labor saving tool for removig packing from stuffing boxes.  Available in 12 different sizes, the flexible design allows access around obstruction and into hard-to-reach areas.


Allpax Cutting Blades

Allpax cutting blades are available in three styles to accommodate different material grades.  Standard-duty cutting blades are used for cutting general material; heavy-duty cutting blades are used for cutting tough material; boron-carbide coated blades are used for cutting extra tough material.

Allpax Cutting Boards

Allpax extension cutting boards are available in three sizes:  18" x 18" (weighs 4.3lbs); 24" x 24" (weighs 5.7lbs); 30" x 30" (weighs 7.2lbs).


Allpax Center Pins

Center pin replacement parts for Allpax heavy, medium, and light duty extension-style gasket cutters.


Allpax Heavy-duty Gasket Cutter Kits

Allpax extension-style kits feature brass cutter block with contoured edges to minimize gasket material buckling and assure precision cuts.  Ergonomic design offers secure, comfortable grip.  Easy-to-read precision scale.  Sliding, knurled nut adjusts cutting radus.  Chrome-plated, steel extension bars provide for cuts up to 61" in diameter.  Hex screws hold cutting blade for cuts up to 3/4" in depth.  18" s 18" cutting board features plastic non-slip, textured surface that reduces blade friction, minimizes breakage, and self-heals after each use.  Includes rugged storage case, dove-tail designer template, bolt hold locator template, and center pin handle.


Contact Hennig Gasket & Seals for Allpax Gasket Cutters and Replacement Parts Today

Contact us for more information regarding Allpax Gasket Cutters, Blades, Cuttingboards, Packing Hooks, and Heavy-duty Gasket Cutter Kits, or request a quote for further pricing information today. We are your premier Allpax Gasket Cutting Systems distributors.