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Hypalon® Gaskets & Seals

At Henning Gasket & Seals, we will manufacture the Hypalon® (a registered trademark of DuPont) gaskets you need with no tooling charges and competitive pricing. Whether you have a blueprint or you need us to reverse engineer from a sample part, we will have your product ready for you quickly. Our in-house capabilities reduce production cycle time from receipt of order to final delivery, and we use advanced technologies - includidng water jet cutting and flash cutting - to ensure your order meets all critical dimensions.

Over 100 years in business, we know what it takes to provide the best customer service in the industry. We offer precision cutting, and the same service to all customers no matter how big or small the job. Our customer base is throughout the world, as our high performance gaskets have become popular with manufacturers everywhere. We are a strong company, built on a solid foundation of hard work and experience. We stand by our product and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Hypalon® Gasket Material

Hypalon® (chlorosulphanated polyethelene (CSM) material is very popular for weather stripping, gaskets, seals, insulator boots and special heat applications.  It has outstanding resistance to most chemicals, heat and oil, is flame resistant and has great color stability, weather and abrasion resistance.  Properties of Hypalon are very similiar to Neoprene Rubber Sheet, but has a better resistance to ultra-viloet light.  

Hypalon® rubber sheet material specifications:
Polymer: Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene
ISO/ASTM Desgination: CSM
Durometer Rating (hardness):  60
Temperature Range:  -31°F to +257°F
Elongation:  350%
Tensile Strength:  1400 PSI
Finish:  Plate
Width:  36"
Gauge (thickness):  1/16", 1/8", 1/4"
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA):  Yes

There is no question that selecting the right gasket material is a difficult task.  But gasket performance hangs in the balance.  Review our Rubber Sheet Polymer Properties page and let our 90+ years of knowledge and experience as a custom gasket manufacturer be a resource for you and contact us today.

Hypalon® Gasket & Seal Manufacturing Process

All Hypalon® Gaskets & Seals are manufactured in our modern facility that is continuously updated with the latest technology and equipment.  Our capabilities include water jet cutting (which gives us tight tolerances within +/-.007”), flash cutting, die cutting or hand cutting.  Our veteran technicians will evaluate your application and specific material to determine the most appropriate manufacturing process that will deliver a Hypalon® part that exceeds your expectation.