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High Temperature Gaskets

Although the manufacturing techniques for high-temperature gaskets have changed over the past 100+ years since our business began, Henning Gasket & Seals has always been on top of the latest technologies.  This is why we have become leaders in the industry. With competitive pricing and a high customer retention rate, we fabricate quality high-temperature gaskets and seals using precision cutting and never charge for tooling. With our large inventory of material, we can provide you a fast turnaround on your order, most times within 24 hours.

We treat all customers with the same respect, regardless of the size of the order. High-temperature gaskets are manufactured using prints, or we are capable of reverse-engineering the product as long as the correct dimensions are provided. We understand that your business depends on high-quality gaskets and seals and you don't have time to deal with anything less than perfect every time you order. We are committed to our customers and we know that you will be fully satisfied with your order. If you are not happy, we want to know about it.

Material for High-Temperature Gaskets

High-Temperature Gasket material is necessary for applications that will have continuous temperatures exceeding +750F.  Applications with intense heat, high pressure, saturated steam or hot oils can quickly lead to gasket failure if the wrong material is designated for use.  Hennig Gasket maintains an extensive inventory of high temp gasket material for custom fabrication.  As well, we are a leading distributor of high temperature products including spiral wound gaskets, ceramic fiber blankets and fiberglass tapes & ropes.

Graphite Laminate:  a natural mineral but with thermal and electrical conductivity like metal.  As one of the softest minerals, graphite can be produced with stabilizing inserts of stainless steel, carbon steel or wire mesh.  Graphite laminate is resistant to high temperatures up to +875F.

Woven & Compressed Graphite Foil:  a patented method of encapsulating flat leaf springs into a thick vermiculated graphite foil jacket make this high temp gasket material capable of enduring temperatures up to +1400F.

Fluorosilicone: an elastomer most often used in applications requiring fuel and lubricant resistance in addition to high temperatures of +400F

Silicone: high temperature silicone sheets or rolls has a tensile strength of 1000 psi and is resistant to fungus, UV and ozone up to +600F

Compressed Non-Asbestos: an asbestos-free fiber with minimal creep relaxation problems in high temperatures up to +750F

Ceramic Fiber Blankets: a lightweight high temp insulation resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack.  Maintains handling strength at elevated temperatures to +2300F

Spiralwound gaskets: a low-cost solution with multiple plies of metal and filler (either ceramic, graphite or PTFE) in the spiral.  Suitable as a high temp gasket material to +850F

Frenzelit Novatec: a unique blend of graphite and Kevlar or aramid for high temperatures to +825F

PTFE:  a chemically resistant plastic that conforms to both FDA and AMS specifications and maintains durability with temperatures up to +500F

Fiberglass Tape & Rope:  an environmentally friendly material for temperature applications of +1000F

Many other high temperature gasket materials are available.  Contact us to discuss your application.  Review our side-by-side comparison chart of the above high temp gasket material.