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Urethane Rubber

Urethane rubber sheet material is abrasion and tear resistant, has great elasticity and a low compression set. It’s also compatible with a long list of chemicals from mineral oils and petroleum products to fats, greases and some solvents. It comes in a wide range of colors, remains flexible from -25 to 250 °F, and is available in durometer values ranging from 25 Shore OO up to 70 Shore D.

Urethane Rubber Specifications

Temperature Range:  -25° to 250°F
Thickness:  .010” to 2”
Width:  48” wide rolls; urethane rubber sheet cut to your specs
Durometer:  25 Shore OO up to 70 Shore D

There’s a long list of ways in which urethane rubber is used. It makes good gaskets and seals, but it’s also ideal for situations where cushioning is needed to protect machinery or the product. This includes chute liners and bumper pads as well as conveyor skirts. Other uses include cutting surfaces, (because urethane tends to self-heal when cut,) and belt scrapers on conveyors.

Hennig Gasket & Seals can provide urethane rubber sheet in sizes up to 38½” by 122½” and thicknesses from 0.010” to 2”. Standard urethane sheets have a thickness tolerance of +/-0.045”, (some are tighter.) For precision sheets the tolerance is +/-0.005”. Custom thicknesses can be produced for special order.

Urethane rubber is available in a food grade, suitable for processing, packaging and preparation areas. It can also be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive to aid in installation.