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Hypalon Rubber Sheets & Rolls

Hypalon rubber is a superior form of neoprene widely used for covers, jackets, roof sheeting and tank linings. Hypalon is a DuPont trade name, although they no longer manufacture the material. (Other companies have stepped in to fill the void.) Its formal chemical name is chlorosulfonated polyethylene and its chemical structure is like that of chloroprene (neoprene) with added chlorine. It’s also sometimes referred to as CSM.

Hypalon is highly UV and ozone-resistant. It also resists abrasion and fatigue due to flexing. These properties combine to make it an excellent material for use outdoors. It also has good electrical insulating characteristics. Chemically, it works well with oils and some acids although it has poor resistance to fuels. Tensile strength is 1,000psi and durometer is 60 Shore A. The useful temperature range is -20 to 200 °F.

Applications for Hypalon rubber sheets include acid-resistant tank linings, pond linings, membranes, roof sheeting and industrial covers and jackets. With its excellent resistance to weathering it’s often used in marine applications. Compression set resistance is low, limiting its use in gasket applications.

Hennig Gasket & Seals sells Hypalon rubber sheets in thicknesses from 1/16” up to ¼”. It’s available in rolls 36” and 48” wide and up to 50’ long.