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White Neoprene Rubber

FDA-approved white neoprene rubber is widely used throughout the food and beverage industry. It’s also suitable for use in medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as in healthcare settings.

Soft, flexible over a wide temperature range, and resistant to oils, fats and greases, white neoprene sheet material is ideal for packaging and preparation areas. Another common use for white neoprene rubber is for cushioning and protective sleeving, which is how it’s often used with medical equipment.

White neoprene rubber material is produced in 48” wide rolls and thicknesses of 1/16” to ¼”.   Hennig Gasket will cut roll material into sheets as required by your specifications.

White Neoprene Rubber Specifications

            Width:  48” rolls, sheet cut to your specification
            Temperature Range:  -20° to +170° F
            Tensile Strength:  800 psi
            Elongation:  300%
            Durometer:  60

The working temperature range is -20 to +170°F which makes it a good choice for refrigerator seals and for use in cold rooms. A Shore A durometer of 60 means it’s soft, which is what makes it good for cushioning/impact absorption. Tensile strength is relatively low, (around 800 psi) but elongation is good at 300% and the material is generally tear-resistant.

The major limitation of white neoprene rubber is poor resistance to some chemicals. This includes esters, (used in fragrances and essential oils,) and ketones, (acetone is an example of a ketone,) as well as strong oxidizing acids and some hydrocarbons. It can also absorb water if immersed for an extended period.

When sourcing white neoprene sheet for food, medical or pharmaceutical applications, always specify “FDA white neoprene” to be sure of getting the material you need.