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Gylon Material

Gylon material is Garlock’s formulation of PTFE sealing material. They make two types of PTFE sheet, regular gasket sheet material and their EPIX® branded sheet. Both of these are available with various fillers: where EPIX differs is in the sealing surfaces. These are given a special hexagonal finish that enhances conformability.

Gylon is by nature a soft, conformable material. Its primary strengths are that it resists attack by almost everything – water, steam, strong acids and solvents – and that it has a working a temperature range of -450 to 500 °F.

Garlock increases the strength and abrasion resistance of regular PTFE by adding various fillers. These include silica, barium sulfate and microspheres of aluminasilicate. In addition, grades are available with a rigid PTFE core or with cores of either graphite or stainless steel.

The wide temperature range and outstanding chemical resistance mean Gylon has many applications throughout manufacturing, including the chemicals and petrochemicals sectors. While it’s known primarily as a gasket material it has other uses. These range from providing the sealing element in dynamic seals to compression packing, pump diaphragms and expansion joints. Because of its flexibility at extremely low temperatures it’s also used extensively in cryogenic systems and processing.

Gylon material is sold in sheet form with the largest available sizes measuring 70” by 90”. (Note that the maximum in EPIX is 60” by 60”.) EPIX is only available in a thickness of 3/32” but standard sheet material comes in thicknesses from 1/64” up to 3/8”.