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High Temp Gasket Material

Proper selection of gasket material is critical in any application. To achieve a “tight joint” or “seal”, the surface finish, bolt load and environment are all taken into consideration. The environment alone can attack and either corrode or erode that connection. Excessive high temperatures play a leading role in this evaluation. Mechanical and chemical properties are highly temperature dependent. Physical characteristics such as oxidation and resilience are determined by temperature. High temp gasket materials listed below are designed to perform in conditions involving combustible fluids and elevated temperatures:

  Continuous Operating Temp Media Resistance Applications

Flexible Graphite


Acids, Alkalis, Salt
Solutions, Heat
Transfer Fluids

chemical & petrochemical refineries; industrial fluid sealing; steam service; thermal, electronic and electrochemical applications

Woven Stainless Steel with Graphite Filler

+1800°F Water chemical & oil refineries; coal, gas, hydro & nuclear power plants; industrial sealing


+400°F Fuels, Solvents, Ozone  

Compressed Non-Asbestos

(styles 5500, 9800, 9850, 9900, ST-706)

+750°F Steam, Oils, Grease, Heat Transfer Fluids, Inert Gases, Most Refrigerants power generation; chemical & hydrocarbon processing

Frenzelit® Novatec

+925°F Acids, Alkalis, Solvents, Refrigerants, Water, Steam, Oils, Greases diesel engine valve covers


+500°F Acids, Corrosive Liquids, Vapors & Gases medical & food production

Fiberglass Tape & Ropes

+1000°F Most Acids, Alkalis & Solvents except Hydrocluoric Acid & Hot Phosphoric industrial processes, foundries, expansion joints, lid covers

Ceramic Fiber Blankets

+2300°F Commonly Used Acids, Alkalis industries include: metals, ceramic, glass, heating, chemical & nuclear


  Oils, Greases, Concentrated Acids food processing, medical

Spiral Wound

+850°F   heat exchangers


+600°F Fungus, UV and Ozone food processing

For over 90 years, Henning Gasket & Seals has been fabricating high temp gaskets with the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry. Having the mission of satisfying every single customer with precision cutting and outstanding customer service, we are here to produce the gaskets and seals you need at a price you can afford. We have a large inventory of material and this gives us the ability to manufacture custom gaskets the day they are ordered and shipped out within hours.

We offer competitive pricing and no tooling charges. As long as you provide the critical dimensions of the high temp gasket you need, we will create either a single prototype or large production runs. We will stand by our gaskets because we understand what it takes to make excellent products at a price you can afford. Contact us today.