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Silicone Gasket Food Grade Sheet

While almost mandatory in food preparation and packaging, silicone gasket food grade sheet has a host of applications in other industries. As well as making excellent gaskets and seals, it provides cushioning, protection and vibration damping. It’s often used for decorative purposes too because of it’s smooth white shiny finish.

Non-food grade silicone sheet material has even more applications because it comes in a wide range of colors. Use it for warnings or to color-code chutes or conveyors, or purely to give a consistent appearance throughout an area.

Silicone Gasket Food Grade Sheet/Roll Specifications:

Thickness:  1/32” to ¼”
Width:  48” wide rolls; sheet cut to your specification
Durometer:  60 Shore A
Temperature Range:  -67° to 450°F

Silicone Gasket Non-Food Grade Sheet Specifications:

Thickness:  1/64” to 1”
Width:  48” wide rolls; sheet cut to your specification
Durometer:  60 shore A
Temperature Range:  -65° to 450°F

Silicone has one of the widest working temperature ranges of any elastomeric material, (-65 to around 450 °F). It withstands weathering, making a good choice for use outdoors, and it’s also fire-resistant and an electrical insulator. Industries using silicone sheet include electronics, pharmaceuticals, medicine and industrial manufacturing.

When used as a gasket material, silicone offers low compression set, which ensures a long service life. It’s also resistant to a wide range of chemicals, although not acids, chlorine or ketones like acetone.

Silicone gasket food grade sheet and related forms of silicone has a tensile strength of around 800 psi and a durometer of 60 Shore A. (Some grades are stronger, others are softer or firmer.) It comes in rolls 48” wide and Hennig Gasket & Seal can cut it to the size needed. Available thicknesses go from 1/64” up to 1”.