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Garlock® Blue-Gard

Made by one of the best-known names in gasket material, Garlock Blue-Gard is engineered for good torque retention, high strength and a wide working temperature range. There are four formulations of Blue-Gard, each of which is composed of Aramid fibers and fillers with an elastomeric binder.

Aramid is a synthetic fiber. This is what gives Blue-Gard its high tensile strength (2,250 psi.). It’s also abrasion-resistant, won’t melt, has low flammability and is compatible with many solvents.

The formulations are distinguished by the different elastomeric binders used. The four types are: nitrile, SBR, neoprene and EPDM. Each of these provides the gasket material with the properties of that particular elastomer. Thus nitrile-based Blue-Gard works well with water, oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons like methane and ethane, and gasoline. Likewise, SBR withstands attack by water, saturated steam and most inert gases. Neoprene resists oils, fats and greases and EPDM pairs with water, steam, alkalis and ketones like acetone.

Garlock Blue-Gard material remains flexible over a temperature range of -73 to 205 °F (continuous.) It will continue sealing when temperatures spike as high as 700 °F for short periods.

Blue-Gard is sold in sheet form, with the full sheet measuring 60” by 180”. (Neoprene sheet is 60” by 60”.) Hennig Gasket & Seals can cut Blue-Gard to the size and shape required. Available thicknesses go from 1/64” to ¼”.