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Industries Served

No matter what you call it - gasket, seal, o-ring, washer - almost every industry requires them.  From electronics to oil rigs in the Pacific Ocean, custom manufactured gaskets are found everywhere.  Many of them are manufactured by Hennig Gasket & Seals.

Oil & Gas

Requires gaskets manufactured of a material that can withstand this high-temperature / high-pressure environment.  Spiral Wound gaskets are heavily used as well as non-asbestos brand materials such as KLINGER and Flexitallic.  As a composite material, graphite is also suitable.

Food Processing

Silicone is a stable, food-grade high-temperature polymer that also inhibits bacterial growth.  EPDM is used in potable water applications which require resistance to UV and environmental pressures.  PTFE is an excellent material for chemical resistance and is often used as an envelope to line flange gaskets made from rubber or non-asbestos.


Enclosure gaskets need to withstand weather elements.  Cork, Neoprene, EPD<, Nitrile and rubber are used in these applications.


When medical grade applications are required, Silicone Rubber and PTFE are great options.


EPDM and Neoprene are used for pipe gaskets.  If corrosive liquids are being used, Nitrile, Viton and PTFE are suitable options.