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White Silicone Sheet & Rolls

Inert, resistant to water, ozone, and UV light, and usable over a wide temperature range, white silicone sheet is one of the most versatile elastomeric gasket materials. In addition, FDA-approved white silicone won’t impart a taint to substances it comes into contact with. That makes it an excellent choice for food manufacturing and preparation areas and equipment as well as pharmaceutical production.

White Silicone Sheet and Roll Specifications

            Temperature Range:  -67° to 450°F
            Durometer:  60 Shore A
            Width:  48” wide rolls; sheet cut to your specification
            Thickness:  1/32” to ¼”

Pliable from temperatures around -67 °F, white silicone is a good material for gaskets going into cold areas such as freezer cabinets and rooms. The upper working limit is some 450 °F and this wide working range makes it ideal for applications subject to temperature extremes and intense cleaning regimens.

Being soft and flexible, (60 Shore A Durometer,) with good elongation, another use of white silicone is for cushioning. It also has good electrical insulating properties. What’s more, as it resists taking a compression set, it works well for door and cabinet seals as well as for equipment gaskets.

With only limited abrasion resistance and lower tensile strength, silicone is not a good choice for dynamic sealing applications. It’s also susceptible to attack by chemicals like chlorine, methane and acetates.

FDA white silicone sheet material comes in rolls 36” wide and up to 50’ long but can be cut to desired sheet sizes. Hennig Gasket & Seals offers it in thicknesses from 1/32” to ¼”.