Rubber Sheet Properties

Exposure to heat, sunlight, chemicals, ozone and oils, as well as pressure, tension, binding, stretching and folding will affect the performance of any rubber sheet product.  The general properties of common polymers used in sheet rubber shown in the chart below are not intended to be used to make final choices for a specific application.  Suitability must be determine by a qualified person.  We encourage you to contact us for assistance in your selection.  Gasket material compatibility charts for chemicals vary for each polymer.


CI EPDM Hypalon Pure Gum  Neoprene  Nitrile  SBR  Silicone Viton 

Abrasion Resistance

Good  Very Good Fair Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Good  Poor  Fair 

Acid Resistance 

Fair  Good  Good  Good  Good  Good  Fair  Poor  Good

Alkali Resistance 

Fair  Good Good  Good  Good  Good   Fair  Poor  Good

Compression Set 

Good  Fair Good  Good  Fair  Fair Good Fair Good

Flame Resistance 

 Very Poor   Very Poor  Good  Very Poor  Excellent  Poor Very Poor   Fair  Good

Gas Permeability

Good  Good  Poor  Good  Good  Good  Good  Poor  Poor

Gas Resistance 

Poor  Very Poor  Poor  Very Poor  Good  Excellent  Poor  Poor  Poor

Heat Aging 

 Good  Excellent  Good Good  Good  Good  Good  Excellent  Excellent 

Oil Resistance 

Poor  Very Poor  Fair  Very Poor  Good  Very Good  Poor  Fair  Good

Ozone Resistance 

Fair  Good  Excellent  Poor  Very Good  Very Poor  Fair  Good  Excellent


 Good  Good  Fair  Outstanding  Excellent  Good  Good  Fair  Fair
Weathering  Fair  Excellent  Excellent  Fair  Very Good  Fair  Fair  Good  Excellent


Sheet Rubber Tolerances

Tolerances conform to RMA standards, Durometer +/- 5 points

Thickness Tolerance
1/32"  but not including 1/1/6" +/- .012"
1/16"  but not including 1/8" +/- .016"
1/8"  but not including 3/16" +/- .020"
3/16"  but not including 3/8" +/- .031"
3/8"  but not including 9/16" +/- .047"
9/16"  but not including 3/4" +/- .062"
3/4"  but not including 1" +/- .094"
1"  and Over +/- .010"
Widths 36" and over +/- 1.00"