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Industrial Felt Material

There are many situations where industrial felt is, or should be, the first choice. When made of wool, which is the most widely used material, it’s a natural product that provides excellent cushioning as well moisture-absorption and vibration attenuation. Its industrial uses include crate linings, bearing seals, shaft lubrication and filtration.

Felt is a non-woven product that’s made in many different types. However, for industrial use it’s important to specify that you want industrial felt material. This is produced to SAE specifications denoted by a letter ‘F’ followed by a number.

Industrial Felt Specifications:

Thickness:  1/8” to 1”
Width:  60” Rolls; sheet cut to your specifications

The F number indicates density, which influences properties and behavior. Lower numbers are easier to cut, absorb vibration better and have increased resistance to abrasion. The grades most often used for gasket applications are F3, F51 and F55.

A close-up view of industrial felt reveals a jumble of randomly-oriented wool fibers. This is what gives felt its unique ability to soak up or wick liquids like oil. It also enables it to filter down to a very fine particle size, and finer still when oil-impregnated. By moving relative to one another and absorbing energy, these fibers also cushion impacts and dampen sound and vibration.

Industrial felt material is produced in thicknesses from 1/8” to 1” and thicker material is available on request. Standard roll width is 60” but it is also available in sheets which can be cut to whatever size or shape is needed.