Neoprene Gasket Applications

Neoprene is a synthetic polymer that resembles rubber, but as a derivative of chloroprene, it is far more durable in extreme temperatures, when exposed to oils and several chemicals, and it endures harsh weather conditions. But not all Neoprene gaskets are created equal—there are several variations or “grades” of neoprene. Each grade of neoprene gasket has its ideal application depending on factors such as temperature and pressure tolerances, the environment where it will be used, etc:

  • Commercial Grade Neoprene—15-50% Neoprene mixed with other elastomers; this blend is fine for general commercial gasket applications, but not in situations where high oil resistance is necessary.
  • Medium Grade Neoprene—51%+ Neoprene content; also suitable for many general manufacturing applications where a lower tensile strength will suffice.
  • High Grade Neoprene—100% Neoprene is extremely resilient in the harshest, most demanding environments while maintaining its resiliency, abrasion resistance and tensile strength.
  • FDA Neoprene—A mixture of Neoprene and other FDA-improved materials; gaskets made from this grade are used in the food industry, but also in many government-approved and military applications where oil resistance is key.
  • PSA Ready Neoprene—Available upon request, this Neoprene has one side with a matte finish and is designed to be used with pressure sensitive adhesives.
  • Nylon Cloth Inserted Neoprene—This grade is reinforced with one or two layers of nylon; good for improved creep reduction and stability.
  • Diaphragm Neoprene—Polyester insertions improve performance under high pressure applications requiring high levels of oil and petroleum resistance.
  • Flame Resistant Neoprene—Especially useful in potentially flammable, electric and high-heat applications, it passes the following flammability specifications: UL-94-HF-1, UL-94-HFB, MIL-R-6130C, FMVSS-302.

These grades vary in durometer ratings between 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80, can withstand temperatures between -20F to +180°F and come in sheets with several widths and thicknesses that can be cut (waterjet, flash and die cut) to exact specifications from your blueprints, or even reverse engineered.

Please contact Hennig Gasket & Seals if you have any questions about the different grades of neoprene that might best fit your application: 1-800-747-7661. We can custom manufacture any neoprene gasket you need to the most accurate specs possible.

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