How Do You Recognize a Quality Gasket

Gaskets themselves are inexpensive but often expensive to replace. A high-quality gasket fits well and prevents leaks or ingress of contaminants until the next scheduled maintenance, and preferably longer. An inferior product could leak prematurely, forcing an expensive unplanned shutdown That’s why it pays to buy good custom-cut gaskets, but how do you differentiate between one that’s high quality and one that isn’t?

Was the Gasket Protected During Shipping?

Look at the packaging the gasket came in. If that’s bent, folded or compressed there’s a good chance the gasket material has taken some kind of compression set. Does it look like it was exposed to sunlight? UV light will shorten the life of an SBR or nitrile gasket, although neoprene and silicone gaskets are less sensitive.


Did the manufacturer take the time to clean both sides of debris from the cutting process? Small particles stuck between the flanges could create a leak path.

Gasket Material

Look to see that the gasket manufacturer has used the material you expected, (if that was something you specified,) and not a cheaper lookalike.

Gasket Edge Quality

This is determined by the cutting process used and the condition of the tooling and equipment. While the OD surface of a flange gasket is primarily just aesthetics, (unless it has to fit in a groove or channel,) a shoddy appearance reflects poorly on the installer.

Internal edges are more functionally important. Check for strings of material not quite cut through as these could get into the material flow. Likewise any cutouts, (like a bitemark,) can create a cavity that causes turbulence, creates noise and reduces flow velocity.


Check for dimensional accuracy before stripping down the joint or opening the flange! A quality gasket will be cut to exactly the sizes you asked, (within the limits of what the cutting process can do.)

Cutting Corners Never Pays

A poor quality gasket might cost a little less, but if the joint leaks and needs repair it can be a costly decision. That’s why you should know how to recognize a quality gasket.

Contact Hennig Gasket & Seals when you require high-quality custom cut gaskets.

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