Custom Gasket Cutting

At Hennig we provide custom gasket cutting services. If the material is in stock we can usually get a new gasket shipped out the day it was ordered.

The key to this rapid turnaround is cutting process flexibility. With flash, die and water jet cutting equipment on-site we’re able to select the fastest and most cost-effective process for your order. Whether you need one gasket or one thousand, prototype or production runs, we have a process that works.

Accuracy and appearance are important considerations too. A gasket that fits poorly or has rough, uneven edges leaves a negative impression of the equipment it’s installed on, and probably won’t last as long. Our cutting processes provide a range of finishes to suit your needs.

Flash Cutting Services

Flash cutting uses a  gantry machine that moves an oscillating knife over sheet material up to 60” x120”. The knife cuts straight edges or curves in material up to 1/2” thick, leaving smooth vertical edges. Knife motion is computer-controlled with the cutting path programmed directly from a CAD file, and nesting software maximizes material utilization.

Die Cutting Services

A die cutter uses a metal blade shaped to the profile of the gasket and embedded into a wood block or panel. With die cutting it’s possible to cut to a precise depth, which is useful when you don’t want to separate individual pieces from the sheet. Technically described as “kiss-cutting,” this allows gaskets to be kept together on a sheet or roll and peeled off as needed. It’s a good method for producing gasket kits.

Unless a die already exists, die cutting will incur a tooling charge along with some lead time. However, it is a fast and repeatable process, which makes it economical for quantity orders. We can die cut gaskets as large as 36” x 72” from sheet material. Cut edges are smooth although thicker material may show a small degree of curvature.

Water Jet Cutting Services

Also a gantry-style machine, water jet cutting cuts with a jet of fast-moving water just 0.010” wide. The thin jet means minimal material waste, and tolerances as tight as +/-0.007” can be maintained. Depending on the material, it’s possible to cut up to 6” thicknesses and the largest size we can produce is 72” x 96”.

Like flash cutting, a water jet is programmed directly from a CAD file of the gasket required. One strength of water jet is that there’s no material deformation during the cut, which improves edge appearance.

Ask about custom gaskets

Many sealing applications need a custom gasket. At Hennig we have a range of equipment for cutting sheet gasket material and this lets us provide a rapid turnaround. Many custom gaskets ship the day they were ordered.

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