Thermoseal C4401: An (Almost) Universal Gasket Material

Gaskets seal everything from pipe flanges to manways but there’s no single gasket material that can do everything. However, Thermoseal C4401, (also known as Klingersil C-4401,) comes close. Here’s a quick review of how to select gasket material and an introduction to this versatile choice.

Factors to Consider

For every sealing application, a first step is to work out what material to use. This entails considering the temperature, environment, media, and pressure that the gasket will experience. (The mnemonic “TEMP” might help you remember this list.) Once those are known a gasket material can be chosen.

TEMP Compatibility Challenges

All gasket materials have a limited temperature range. Environmental concerns relate to things like exposure to ozone, UV light, and water. The media is the fluid being sealed in the pipe or outside the enclosure or man-way. And the pressure is the force the gasket will be exposed to.

Of these factors, media may pose the biggest sealing challenge. Every gasket material resists attack by some chemicals but is susceptible to others. EPDM for example is acetone-resistant but vulnerable to many fuels and oils. (Those examples are taken from “Gasket Material Compatibility Chart for Chemicals”.)

Meet Thermoseal/Klingersil C-4401

Thermoseal C4401 is one of a family of compressed fiber-reinforced gasket materials produced by KLINGER Thermoseal. These are made by mixing fibers into a rubber-like binder and then rolling it into a sheet. The fibers provide strength while compressibility and recovery come from the binder.

In Thermoseal C4401 the binder is a nitrile rubber and the fibers are aramid. Aramid is a light and strong synthetic fiber that resists abrasion and solvents. Nitrile is a form of synthetic rubber with excellent elastic behavior and good oil resistance. When combined the result is a gasket material that withstands temperatures as high as 750 °F (399 °C), and withstands a long list of chemicals.

Ask About Thermoseal/Klingersil C-4401

If you’re unsure about the media you’re sealing or just looking for a universal gasket material, C4401 is an excellent choice. Specialists at Hennig Gasket & Seals will be happy to tell you more.

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