Food Grade Gasket Manufacturing

Food grade non-metallic gaskets are made from materials approved by the FDA for repeated and demanding contact with edible products. They must withstand high pressures, have a wide temperature tolerance and be extremely resistant oils, acids and chemicals without degrading or becoming susceptible to bacteria formation—for the obvious reason that food-grade gaskets and seals must not impact food quality or safety whatsoever. FDA-approved food-grade non-metallic gaskets are also used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing for the same reason.

There are several materials that we can use to fulfill food grade non-metallic gasket orders:  

White Nitrile (Buna-N)—Commonly used in food processing because it remains durable and flexible when cycling between temperatures of -31°F to +230°F. It is highly resistant to petroleum, mineral and vegetable oils, acids and a wide range of aromatic hydrocarbons.

White Neoprene—Works well in food-processing and packaging environments, as well as pharmaceutical, commercial kitchens, cosmetics plants and grocery store applications with a temperature tolerance of -20°F to +180°F.

Red or White FDA Silicone—Have a temperature tolerance between -94°F to +392°F and are often used in everything from food processing to laboratory and surgical applications because of its low volatility and durability. Resists oils and acids well.

EPDM—Food-grade EPDM has a temperature tolerance of  -20°F to +230°F. It’s smooth, resists abrasion, is color-stable, non-marking and odor-free; for these reasons, it has earned the additional approval of the USDA for poultry and meat processing.

PTFE—As one of the most chemically-resistant plastics available, FDA-compliant PTFE is extremely common in food and beverage processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. It also has an outstanding temperature tolerance of -328°F to +500°F.

Gylon®—This is a specific brand of PTFE with a 450°F to +500°F . It is extremely chemical and temperature resistant with reduced creep relaxation qualities.

While all of these materials (and a few others not listed here) are FDA-compliant, not all of them are suitable to all food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical production processes. Please contact Hennig Gasket and Seals, Inc. at 1-800-747-7661 and we can discuss which food-grade, non-metallic gasket material would be best for your needs.

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